Green…a short story about dreams

It was another monotonous day at Kandivali station, the crowded 6:15 pm Andheri local arrived and he hopped in, a samosa( a local snack) in one hand and a bag full of 700 page books on his back, hanging by the door, between the intermingled odour of a sweaty 40 year old man and the slighty decomposing dumps of the railside folks  from earlier that morning. Just another day in the city of dreams…

It had been almost two decades now, and the most adventurous thing that he had done yet was flipping off a traffic hawaldar… life was boring. And just when it seemed that it wouldn’t change, he looked through the bars and saw the most beautiful set of green eyes. For a moment, the annoying group singing bhajans seemed to pause, the fat gujju guy screaming at his salesman went mute midway , and the world ceased to rotate.

For like eternity, he did nothing but stare. As the cool breeze came and blew her hair, and she elegantly brushed off a wisp of hair that just touched her lip. This was the dream. And yet, now that he was so close he hesitated. As his heart began its sprint, his brain began making excuses, too much crowd, out of your league, and it went on…

For a good 15 minutes he couldn’t take his eyes of her until the shrill voice from the machine broke it “Next station Andheri…Agla station Andheri… Pudhil sthanak Andheeeriii ” And as the station drew closer people jumped pushed and dragged. When he was finally down, and stable, he looked over his shoulder, but she was no where in sight. Those beautiful green eyes…would stay a dream forever…

That’s the thing with dreams. There are times we have a chance to grab it. Get a shot at destiny. But we hesitate, maybe because of a fear due to the enormity of the dream, or maybe because we fear that once we reach that, there’ll be nothing in life worth living for. But remember,you miss hundred percent of the chances you donot take there’ll always be a bigger dream that’ll come along when you reach this one. So the next time you see your “something green”, a shot at your goal, go for it.


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