I can’t find heaven

I could traverse the mighty ocean,
could walk a million mile,
but oh i dont see heaven,
until i see you smile.

In seconds the pains vanish,
the sorrows seem to flee,
and the darkest of winters of anguish,
turn to springs of glee.

I thought heaven would have fairies,
and chocolates and apple pie,
but your gaze so deep so beautiful,
would suffice to gimme a high.

heaven seems so sensuous ,
heaven seems so rare,
heaven seems so tranquilising ,
like your wet uncombed hair.

heaven lies in our happiness,
heaven lies in our love,
just like the food from the finest restaurants ,
is belittled by momz stove

I failed to find heaven,
in the deep blue skies,
and then i turned and found it ,
in your beautiful eyes……


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