The other side

Ah well!!! Was strolling this morning after having breakfast when i saw countless caterpillars lying dead on the walkway…kinda made me sad (can’t people be a bit more careful while walking…) Anyways coming to the point ,it started a discussion in our friend circle which was completely idiotic ,but at the end of it made me see something in a whole new light..Here’s how it went…
“Are they stupid?? They know they die…and yet they come up here. why cant they just lie there in the grass!!!” …
To this one guy replied ” Maybe they are bored with the grass on their side…maybe this is a risk they are willing to take to explore the other side of the walkway”
Well considering the size and complexity of their brains… the fact that they may give this a thought is highly unlikely…but just made me wonder…
So many people live such lives, full of fear, scared to cross their side of the grass , to explore something new. So they stay in their comfort zones. Sure they live  safe lives … no failure … no dishonour. But then there are those  who venture out in the open.
Confronting challenges, trying something new…These are the people who face failure, defeat , humiliation…like the caterpillars who lie crushed  on the walkway… but they fight through it all … and when they succeed they enter a beautiful new world… a world, the people who chose to play it safe will never see…but as they say … is it worth the risk?
Well… I am no authority to comment on that. You are.
But trust me . There is a feeling in trying for something that seems impossible that is better than
anything in the world !!! So go out there and live your dream… cross over  to the other side… Do then PSoC project that you had thought of but never did, start writing a book ,do research on particle science, try golf or go karting ,ask the girl out who you have always loved..
Do anything and everything that makes you happy. Makes you feel alive.
You  have one life…And unless someone comes up with a Time machine sometime in
the near future you aren’t getting these days back. So go out there. Explore . Discover. Create. Love .
(I know am starting to sound like the guy from Guzarish 😛  so stopping here)
HAVE FUN!!! And enjoy your pursuit… to The Other Side. 😀

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