The wrong train… a story of careers, changes and life

“For in dreams, we enter a world that is entirely our own. Let him swim in the deepest ocean or glide over the highest cloud.”

~Albus Dumbledore

Ah, well…had this dream last night. Well come Monday and most people generally forget their dreams and get back to work, but here I am , analyzing it, because honestly there is nothing else top do during your PS, So here goes…

It was dark. And silent, except for the crickets. Must have been 1 in the morning. I was running through the chilly night air. I reached the railway station.

Eunuchs and Kathakali dancers had tried to kidnap me.I have had the same group trying to kidnap me ever since I was 6.I had always hoped that one day there would be a bunch of bad ass goons trying to kidnap a girl, and I would beat them up and be a hero….but NO…not even in my dreams would God be so kind…it was always the damn eunuchs and green faced dancers, and I would always run!!!

Anyways omewhere during the chase I had stopped at a restaurant and had garlic prawns(2 months away from home and I am dying for fish!!!). Hmmm ….so moving away from my phobias and philias, lets get back to the story.

So, as I reached the platform the train started. I had no idea as to where it was going but i hopped on anyways. Somewhere down the compartment I saw a few people , bundles up in their shawls and bandanas, trying to get some sleep. I walked to one of them who was awake and asked him the destination of the train.

“Pimpri” he said.

I have no idea where Pimri is, I know its somewhere in Maharashtra but dunno why it popped up in my dream. Anyways the the very next question I asked him was about the next station because I would have to get down and change my train.

Well the dream after this point gets kinda hazy, but this is all I need to put forward a point.

The apparent decision to changing the train when I knew i wasn’t going in the right direction was an obvious and easy choice. Yet people spend years doing the same monotonous jobs that they have no interest in just because some wrong choice that the took  years ago. Changing the train , seems a waste of all the effort that they have put in. So they stay put and continue their journey to pimpri!!

The thing with following a job that you aren’t passionate about is that you’ll never be great at it. When the tough situation arises , you will buckle out, and the peak will remain unscaled.I write this post because I have seen a lot of people waste their lives away trying to do something at they are absolutely pathetic at, sometimes for their entire lives, while they could have given their true passion a shot and reach unattainable heights.

Its never too late. Ray Croc started Mac Donalds at the age of 52. It takes courage to get down from the train, when you know there are people who will judge and criticize. But it’s your life, and if you feel its not going in the right direction, you should change.

Well, thats it for now. Till next time,

Adios Amigos.


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