The beast is hungry still…

It grows silently inside him,
the uneasiness begins to rise,
A throne of gold, and a million horses,
but that too will not suffice..

It yearns for something different,
Something all the world’s riches can’t provide,
He has known it always, yet put it aside,
yet this time it’s tough to hide.

He had felt it in his childhood,
in those moments riant and gay,
but then somewhere, through the struggles of life,
it seemed to have faded away.

It had starved too long through those days and nights,
of senseless monotony,
through rat races for power,
and skirmishes for money.

The beast did have it’s moments though,
that tough mountain climb, or that pointless long drive,
And those moments when the boy put ink on paper,
the beast would come alive…

But the world likes not such beasts,
it danced,it swayed, it threw order away,
So they cast it into the deepest abyss,
and hoped there is where it would stay.

And stay there it did,
shriveling and dying, everyday,
The boy continued to live, if that’s what living was,
He had blended in…..and he could stay…

But he knows this is not what he wants,
and the beast begins to crawl up to light,
And slowly and steadily he begins to live,
He has his own vision, he has his own sight…

The beast is still inside us,
the beast is hungry still,
and that growing void inside him,
only your passions can fill..

You need not be the man who owns it all,
In those thoughless pursuits, you needn’t strive,
Because what the world truly needs,
Is more people who have come ALIVE.


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