The girl in the salwar suit…

No mascara in her eyes, no gloss on her lips,
Yet everytime she passes by,his heart takes a flip.
Her eyes, deeper than an ocean, a  winding unending maze,
Just one look… and that’s enough, she could level him with her gaze.

He thought of when he last wanted something,
So much that it couldn’t wait,
That ice cream when he was six,
Or that Gi-joe when he was eight…

There are things that make us feel that way,
In a beautiful way… incomplete,
Barrels of wine, bricks of gold, all the world’s riches,
without that thing…. seem obsolete…

Yet as we grow we stop wanting things,
The dreams begin to shrink, the needs begin to slow,
But somewhere in those moments of quiet agony,
a subtle bright light shall glow.

It could be varied and random,
Starting a new business, learning to play the flute,
Those moments that make you reach higher,try harder,
Like that girl in the salwar suit…

She brushes aside a wisp of hair, and looks at him and smiles
That beauty so tranquil and cleansing, radiates for miles,
And in that moment ,so wild yet pure the heart subjugates the brain,
It’s been a while, but it sure feels good……..
To be a child again..


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