Treat her like a queen!!!

Treat her like a queen

~Relationship advice by a rather drunk friend at Bogmalo…

The wisdom that children and the drunk possess has always amused me. Have a conversation with a kid sometime and something he says will be so deep yet so simple that you can’t help but lookup to him with a feel of awe and envy. It is maybe because these are the only two times , in your childhood and after a few shots of vodka , that people are truly themselves, when you can see them, sans the masks they put on for the rest of the world.

It has been almost six months. It was after last T1( our midsemester examinations at BITS) ended, and we had all gone to Bogmalo, as is the ritual. For the uninformed, Bogmalo is like a second home for BITSians, and proves to be a very efficient recluse from the noise and clutter of daily life. For the drinkers, there is nothing better than a quarter of old monk for 40 bucks. For the non drinkers, cheese garlic prawns,cheese garlic naans, cheese pakodas and every other dish which for some reason is filled with cheese and garlic proves to be a good outlet form the tyranny that is mess food…

I remember that day because it was probably one of the most “interesting” conversations I had ever had. The thing I remembered though is not much of the conversation but this one line.The thing about this is that, there is nothing new about it, yet so few people follow it in their daily lives… We all use it in the initial phase. In the “before you get it” phase, but somehow as time passes that thing you once coveted becomes a part of your daily life, and like all things that become common, you begin to lose it’s value…

Your college for example. At one time you slogged day in day out, worked like a beaver to get it. And yet strangely once you reach the campus, that feeling of longing doesn’t stay the same anymore. I sometimes wonder when was the last time I was truly thankful for what I had.Good health, parents, amazing friends, a decent university, edible food (consider a large chunk of the word where the proverbial “do waqt ki roti” is a treasure), and a million other things in life.

It sometimes make me feel that the only thing a man can truly love is a thing he doesn’t possess.

Maybe a good way to realize the beauty of all you have is to think of it like this. Imagine you lose everything thing you had. Every relation, every possession, everything. And then you got it all back. How would you feel. Everytime you start taking things for granted remember this feeling. Be like the 70 year old man who still buys his wife gajras every week, or the guy who washes his bike like he just bought it, or the guy who still plays cards with his family every Sunday despite his busy schedule. Sometimes it is not the magnitude of the actions, but the fact that you cared enough to act that makes the difference.

So go ahead, think about the things in life that you are grateful for, and then go make them feel special. Friends, parents, or even as one of my friend likes to put it “your one true love. ” But most of all, your own self… your own life.

Your life is beautiful… treat it like a queen.


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