Of crushes and startup ideas…

But if you never try you’ll never know…..
Just what you’re worth

~Fix You, Coldplay.

It is safe here, in the dark recesses of my brain. Hidden away from the rest of the world. When it’s in here, it could be anything. When it is in here, its infinite and zero at the same time.

It is an idea.

It could make me a million dollars, or I could end up a pauper. I’d never know. And I never wanted to know… until now.

Fear and Uncertainty are beautiful words. Not ‘cuz of what they stand for but because of what they lead to. You see, I like most others of my species have spent a large time trapped behind these two.  They are killing you, softly, everyday. But they are comforting. You see fear is an evolutionary trait. A fearful man will be more cautious, and hence more likely to survive. One should note however, that I said survive, not live. There’s a difference.

There comes however, a moment in every man’s life, when he overcomes these two very primal emotions.  A time when against all his good judgement, and advice from the ‘gurus’ of the field, he decides to take the dive. Fear and uncertainty are beautiful… because without these , you’d never know love. That moment, when you get down in the field, and get to work towards your dream.

Throw your dreams into space like a kite, and you do not know what it will bring back, a new life, a new friend, a new love, a new country.
~Anais Nin

Ideas like crushes, are dime a dozen.Its the execution that counts. Getting out there, biting dust, and creating what you love, doing what you’ve always wanted to do. Its tough. Startups and love, are not the fairytale people describe them to be. But there are very few things in life that make a man feel truly alive, and these things deserve a bit extra effort.

Sometimes you may end up losing with no chance of recovery, sometimes you face a hurdle and sometimes the time is just not right.So you move on at times, something better will come along. Or you try harder, because that’s what winners do…..

And sometimes… just sometimes, you smile and say, I’ll wait……… because somethings in life, are worth it.

If it was meant to be painless, they wouldn’t call it a crush.
If you were meant to know the end, they wouldn’t call it a start-up…


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