The day the band-aids stop… is the day you die.

Mistakes are the portals of discovery.
~James Joyce

       Timon is six. His t-shirt is a bright shade of red as he returns home crying. It was white when he left to play two hours ago. A few minutes into the casual stroll in the park ,he and his gang of friends find a huge broken glass pot. A friend suggests that maybe moving the glass to a safer place would be a GOOD IDEA. Timon being ever so eager to pick the shining blue glass, goes in first, with both hands. A few seconds later, when blood  flowing from his hands is seconded by perhaps only the Niagara falls, he realizes that this probably wasn’t a great idea.

Two days later Timon is back in the same garden. This time throwing stones at the mango tree to get the first batch of the sweet smelling fruit( This time one of his other friends realizes that standing on the other side ,while everyone pelting the tree with stones exactly opposite you is not that great an idea).

The point is Timon wasn’t traumatized, he didn’t go into his shell. He did learn that he should probably never touch cut glass with his bare hands again(EUREKA!!! πŸ˜€ ).However he didn’t start hating the garden. He loved it like he always did, because although it gave him a few cuts and bruises, it gave him a lot of fruits,friends and fun too. And the only way he could keep getting those fruits, is if he kept believing in it.

Life is a lot like that garden.

The only difference is, a lot of people aren’t like Timon. They were like him when they were kids, and then one day everything changed. They GREW UP . Making mistakes became a sin. So everytime they made one they sank a little lower into their own little bunkers of depression. Everytime they didn’t get that job they were trying for, or a relationship didn’t work out as they had planned, or they tried to do something really adventurous and failed, they started hating the garden. They alienated themselves from it, believing that the garden didn’t like them. They sought refuge in idols, hoping that maybe someday that idol will create a better garden just for them. Hoping the garden would be made perfect, with mangoes scattered on the ground and no glass anywhere.

And life started getting better. Or atleast so it seemed. They had learnt the master secret. The less you try the less you fail. They didn’t need the band-aids and turmeric anymore. (For those of you who are wondering, turmeric does to a fresh cut , what pheonix tears do to a basilisk bite.)They had ensured they would never get cut.Life was safe and cut-free.

But that is not how life should be . Life isn’t about keeping yourself closed in a box somewhere safe. When you try something , and give it everything you’ve got, you will be vulnerable. When you love someone with all your heart, you will be vulnerable. But that is the way it should be. And everytime you get a cut, you should put on a band-aid, pick yourself up and go play again. Because without the risk of cuts, there will be no mangoes.


  PS: The reason this post came up is that I cut my leg while playing cricket yesterday evening, and realized that it had indeed been a really long time since I had last used a band-aid.

As many of you’ll might have figured out by now, I am the Timon in the story. I know it was a really stupid thing to do, but I have also got one of those mortein coils into my knee, and crashed into a wall while trying to speed down a 50 degree slope with my cycle, so this wasn’t the worst. πŸ˜€

Life goes on, and every time I fall I’ll try to get back up… I’ll keep trying, and learning, and strive to keep the Timon alive.

Until next time,
Adios. Stay Timonny!!! πŸ˜€


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