Page views and Integrity.

Imagine you are the CEO of a major manufacturing conglomorate, and you have an option of using substandard material in your product, thereby dropping the prices and increasing sales.What would you do?

There comes a point in the lifetime of every individual and organization, where they will have a choice- the choice between being popular and being great. Recently I have seen many major blogs on the web, using the most ridiculous headlines, distorting facts according to their own whims and fancies and making the juiciest stories on dead celebrities  just to gather a few more page view.

It is a toxic wasteland out there, filled with noise and clutter with people battling over SEO, and acting like savages over breaking news. Yet amidst heaps of page views and alexa ranks, amidst all the stats they throw at you, is a small little elf, sitting quietly in the corner. An elf called quality. An elf you can still see in the blogs of people like Paul Graham and Seth Godin and closer home Amrit Pal .And seeing that elf stay strong, even when everyone around it is succumbing to the craze- makes me happy. Reminds me to keep my focus on the right things in life.

So the next time you create something, don’t worry about the numbers. They are important, but secondary. Create with an intention of delighting and fascinating the few who do use your product. You may not have a very large following to start with. You may not grow ‘virally’. But the people who like what you do will come back, and get more people with them. You will grow organically; slowly and steadily- until you reach the top- and stay there.


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