Yourstory is awesome, so that’s that.

Okay so as you’ll might have figured from the the first part of the title, being subtle isn’t my forte. As for the second part ,you’ll get to know more about it by the end of the post! 😀 So, now that we have got that sorted, lets move on to ‘the story’!

One fine summer afternoon!

So it all started one fine summer afternoon. Actually, it wasn’t really that fine.Okay, so it all started one ordinary summer afternoon. I was aimlessly browsing through the web, like I so often do. Reading answers on Quora, sharing lame jokes on facebook, browsing through random tweets; you know… regular stuff. Just then I came across Varsha’s tweet. Now I had been following the entrepreneurship scene in India for quite some time, and had started blogging regularly from around December. So this seemed like the perfect thing for me. But my luck with “things that are perfect for me” hadn’t been that great. So I looked at this tweet, like one would look at that girl one year senior to you, that you knew you had no chance with. Silently I scrolled down, to the tweets below -the pappu jokes and the condolence messages for celebrities no one knows until they die. But somehow, I couldn’t take my mind of that tweet.They were the country’s biggest platform for startups, so my chances were really slim. But then again,in the immortal words of Howard Stevenson isn’t entrepreneurship all about that…

Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled.

So I dropped Varsha a mail. Surprisingly she reverted back really fast! What followed was a lot of telephonic interviews, assignments and discussions with Alok and Jubin, and with a perfect combination of luck and effort I got in!

Today, I’ll completed 6 weeks with the YourStory team and will be going to Kerela to do my PS-2 (PSD >.< ). Anyway, it has been one hell of a ride. For future interns, I’m not going to say it’ll be easy- but it will be worth it! In the past 6 weeks, I have written more than I ever had. I interviewed founders and CEOs, big an small. From guys had just started two weeks ago to guys who managed assets in the mid 11 figures! And the learning curve has never been steeper! I have read and researched about god knows how many sectors, understood tid bits of the funding world and squeezed in a tonne of fun in between! All through the journey, the YS team was always there to help and guide. I am not very good at emotions and stuff, but here’s a line each for each of them as a small token of thanks!

Jubin- my senior and mentor, who writes beautifully both on the site and on his personal blog. Amazing person at heart. Thanks for teaching me everything. And thanks to both you and Alok for the farewell treat(and the banana:P )!

Raghu– The child trapped in a adult body! His tech writing and storytelling style are out of the world! Ever jovial, ever smiling- a super fun person to be around. Cheers dude. Keep writing!

Varsha- The most innocent closer ever! Loved those chats about pinky, mongi and BPGC , even more so due to your funny Hindi accent! Now, coming to the all important  second part of the title… that is dedicated to your characteristic line during the daily scrum . ‘ So yesterday we closed a deal with XYZ, so that’s that! ‘

Kirti– the sweet elder sister figure. I still remember my first article which she had proofread- had almost a hundred mistakes, which she patiently checked and at the end of it,she said-“That’s it, other than that, it’s perfect :P” The article went on to feature in the popular posts! Thanks for that,and everything else.

Alok– the guy who took my first interview, who came to pick me up when I was lost on the first day of work. Here’s to the long rickshaw conversations and endless memories! PS: Thanks for the farewell treat too!

Bhushan the guy whose world revolves around Quora, Steve Jobs and books! Retain your..ummm…weirdness man! I have a feeling it will take you far. Btw sorry for the delay with your visiting cards! 😛 Keep reading, keep coding!

Dhyani The ever excited design guy! Amazing person. The design of everyday things is on my to read list thanks to him! Amazingly frank and honest about everything, a quality that has become really rare these days.

I could go on and on…Neenu, Sumnesh,Alex,Amit (amazingly good at what they do. Unfortunately didn’t get to know you guys that well), Ashwin(fellow intern, fellow BITSian, fellow everything! Sorry for my dark side yesterday 😀 Just ensuring you didn’t miss college ),Zaman(haha,as I write this,  I am grinning thinking of Raghu doing your accent! :P), Hardik( Amazingly humble and talented guy, it’s a pity we could get to know each other for only 10 days!) ,Chandan (One of the most dedicated people I’ve seen. Also one of the only person in office I was kinda afraid of… maybe it’s the formals, dunno! But seriously respect your dedication towards your work), Samridhi (All the last minute pre workshop work and fun!) and ofcourse Shradha!

Thank you for everything guys…This has been a really long post, so I’ll end it here. It started of as an internship, and ended as an experience. Had a wonderful six weeks with you guys. Cheers. Keep being awesome, keep growing, keep rocking! 😀

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