[WAT] Go Solo

Every day, the world gets smaller and smaller. From haircuts to entertainment everything is now customized specifically for the end user. At first glance this looks like a great thing, people developing their individualism in a new developing India, but the ground reality may be a lot different.
New companies on the market now enable people to record and watch television shows on their own devices. So the age old clash of the husband wanting to watch that all important football match while his wife wants to gorge on her favourite TV soap may soon be a thing of the past. For most people the positives are abundant- more liberty, more choice, and most importantly fewer disputes in the household! Personally though, I wouldn’t vouch for this new advance. I may be a bit old-fashioned, preferring the scent of an old book over a kindle, but the loss this would cause to our interpersonal relations can’t be denied. There was joy in watching Tendulkar smash players out of the ground or Shah Rukh play the eternal lover, but I think the real joy was watching it huddled around a TV with your friends and family. Seeing people bite their nails as the match reached the death overs or the movie reached its climax. Entertainment was something that brought people together. And I fear with the rise of the “ultra personalized” entertainment this may soon be a thing of the past.
Before I am mistaken for the Unabomber, let me clarify that I am not vehemently opposed to technology. As long as it brings us happiness and adds value, let us use it freely. But let us not sacrifice the things much more important in life in pursuit of this development.It would be wise to tread carefully, and remember that when everything is lost, all we have, is each other.


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