[WAT]Minimum education level for ministers

India, the world’s largest democracy is now poised emerge from its slumber to enter the global greats. While a strong and entrepreneurial working population will be the major catalyst of this change, the importance of the ruling class in this growth cannot be denied. With an increasingly proactive urban populace participating actively in the political […]

[WAT]Subsidies in India- Boon/bane

In a country with nearly 22% of its population below the poverty line, and nearly 70% of the rural population dependent on agriculture and allied activities, subsidies will always be a critical instrument of fiscal policy. Recent events like the food security bill of 2013 have brought subsidies into the public eye and spurred an […]

[WAT] Juvenile justice bill

The gruesome attack on Nirbhaya in late 2012 brought the topic of whether teenagers in the 16-18 age group should be tried as adults for serious crimes like rape and murder. Proponents of the bill believe that this will act as a deterrent to further incidents in the future, where criminals get away just because […]

[WAT] Go Solo

Every day, the world gets smaller and smaller. From haircuts to entertainment everything is now customized specifically for the end user. At first glance this looks like a great thing, people developing their individualism in a new developing India, but the ground reality may be a lot different. New companies on the market now enable […]