The A to Z of what I learnt in college…

Avoid procrastination: It isn’t cool. It’s stupid.If there is something that needs to be done, do it. (PS: I am still working on this!) Build friendships: After everything that was learnt has been forgotten, after all that was earned has been lost, after moments are mere memories, these will stay. Credibility is everything: If you have said you’ll […]

Watering a dead plant.

He has made a habit of it, Joining the broken branches with gum and glue, and then staring at it wistfully, as if it were new. It is broken though, and that way it will always be, But what choice does the old man have, he’s too old to plant a new tree. He dreams […]

the dog sleeps

It’s eleven at night when I leave the room the moon lonely, the stars alone.The lights in the houses are going out darkness-beautiful begins to sprout Men collapse in bed One more day of their life successfully sold The children fall asleep waiting for stories that will never be told And by the street I […]

Are you passionated?

Hola Grammar Nazis, Yes, I know passionated isn’t a word.Now with a heavy heart and an unsatisfied ego… Read on! So I do this column for Student Story every Sunday, where I write about students who have done something extraordinary in school or college. This week I had an opportunity of meeting a young lad […]

Page views and Integrity.

Imagine you are the CEO of a major manufacturing conglomorate, and you have an option of using substandard material in your product, thereby dropping the prices and increasing sales.What would you do? There comes a point in the lifetime of every individual and organization, where they will have a choice- the choice between being popular […]


He sits there on the park bench as people go jogging by. There is no mild calming breeze, no colourful birds chirping glorious songs , no fragrant flowers dancing in all their bloom; it’s normal. In Beckett’s words, the sun shone, having no alternative, over nothing new. He wonders why there were so few songs […]