He is guy who is more interested in opening up a start-up than anything else. GSN has come a long way from being the ‘BITS360 guy’ to the ‘start-up guy’ and now is moving into a new domain of ‘writer guy’ or the ‘film-maker guy’. But this ‘guy’ is the one guy I will not forget, whichever ‘guy’ he chooses to play. Ganess as we called him (I still do), is a kid at heart, who gets super-excited at smallest of things. Always ready to do something ‘whacky’ and goes on giving ‘respects’ to people randomly (though he claims not to). A guy with whom I have shared so many things, someone I could go to anytime of the day and blabber bullshit to. A great friend and hope he turns out a better romantic than he was at college will do him great good in life. Could not find a more apt ending – The Man, the machine, the legend, the one man army – GSN.

~Parth Shah (Batchmate- BITS Goa)

Ganaesss!! AH7-149 is probably the second common-room of the hostel. Every guy who passes by, HAS to knock on his door, and chat with him for two minutes. This probably shows the humility and the open-heartedness of GSN. The guy who is always thrilled to gain new experiences and learn new stuff. Extremely sporty, and cool. He has a lot of habits which are so inspiring! The Idea book. That was something new for me, and I liked the concept a lot. Sometimes his behaviour goes a little haywire, like when he is wiggling his fingers, and running around in the corridor, but that’s okay. The poker tourneys, and saath mein Gujju ki gaand maarna .. are unforgettable. The poker was the most happening part of my day, and your “reverse psychology”, made it more interesting. You have been a great friend yaar. The best part was when me, kabzi & shah could just barge into your room after dinner/class and chill. The “Kshitij moments” have been epic. We could count on you to join us for some random Bog outing, and you would happily join (unlike Buddha, Gujju & Kabzi). And the night when you TALKED SO MUCH! (at Bog, kuccch yaaad hai? :P). The never ending discussion about the President of India. All the other time-paaas conversations with you, Chammaiyya & Ronit da. People just talked about Entrepreneurship & MBA, in the air. But YOU … you are someone jo is field mein dhooom macha dega. The DIVERSE range of business ideas that you had, and the fact that you phodofied the TIME mock tests, that reinstated the belief “is bandey mein toh kucch baat hai.” This air that you have, for being the right guy to get into Management, makes me so jealous of you, man. There are two things which really defined my perspective of you: Our first interaction was related to your DoSM induction. The answers you had written, and the responses you gave in your interview … were SOOO out of the box … I was like “fuck! This is some creative piece of ass. Thank God, I’ve come to the right place!” Then, there was the POE episode. During the first couple of weeks of the semester, you entered the class a little late. Gabru saw you, his jaw dropped, eyes popped out and he remarked “crap ! GSN is ALSO in this course ?! Damn!” What an Aura man ! A guy was actually scared because you were in the same course! 😛 . Best of luck for the future, bro. Gannu baba ki jay!

~Debvrat Varshney (Batchmate- BITS Goa)

I remember meeting Gsn in the first week on campus and marvelling at his quintessential south indian actor mustache. That and his bits360 profile made him basically the most famous guy on campus. As the years passed by, Gsn left behind his “cool” mustache and took on some of the epithets of “economics pro” and “online treasure hunt god”. One of the few guys in EEE who I know well enough to call a friend, I don’t think anyone in the world will forget him in a hurry. Good luck dude. And keep writing those poems. Have it from a source that chicks do actually love them.

~Ameya Joshi (Batchmate-BITS Goa)

What’s the difference between a guy with a pulled down jeans; a baggy tee; yellow-framed specs and GSN? It’s the ‘cool’ factor and I’m obviously not referring to the former. With a common man gait and a down-to-earth personality, he is perhaps the coolest guy I have met on campus. A die hard romantic at core, he is also a brilliant writer whose blogs satiates the brain’s thirst for creative refreshers. I’ll definitely miss his ‘Wohoos!’ and ‘random’-ness and I wish him well for the days to come. Keep on rolling!

~Saumya Ranjan Sarangi (Batchmate-BITS Goa)

Ganesh!! I know you since 6th or 7th std when you had newly joined our school. In those days you were a bit geekish and a studious guy! Anyways later on you changed a lot and began your transformation from an introvert to an extrovert right in school. Remember those walks from school to our homes?? We used to have so much fun on the way back……I really remember those days…! BTW your new nickname GSN is really cool man…….In school we used to make so much fun with your surname!! Anyways, keep in touch man….and hopefully this Sunday we will meet! Keep chilling and enjoying life……..Cheers!!

~Sachin Kandhari (Batchmate- DSRV)

GSN..my all time neighbor. However stupid, the fact remains we are actually sitting 10 feet across each other and writing our respective testimonials 😛 I was going to say “As a person Ganesh has always continued to mesmerize me” but GSN “tch tch tch”ed me out of it. On a serious note Ganesh was one of the first people I spoke to in BITS (thanks to his BITS360 fame). The amazing time that me, you and Kachhy had during the day b4 our xams still bring tears of laughter in my eyes. Over the years as my neighbor I have seen this guy evolving and encouraging new ideas. The best thing about Ganesh is he is always open to something new. And as multitalented as he is: be it entrepreneurship, coding, designing, story writing, poetry or being a lady’s man he has always down to earth and true to his work. The founder of BITSmart, and an entrepreneur at heart I know for sure that once you and me strike up the “you know what” we were talking about we will be THE next big thing. Apart from that one of the few people on campus who is always always chilled out and optimistic about everything in life. I know i dont need to say this to you but what more dramatic than “Find what you love and let it kill you” Hah! Ok enough drama now lets be losers again and start the war with our next door wala buddha.. Chao 😀

~ Abhiroop Sarkar (Batchmate – BITS Goa)

gannu..my favorite corridor mate..guy full of fun and has superb management skills..co-founder of BITSmart or BITsmart(watever it is :P)..it was fun arguing with u nd kacchy on random topics..u getting farzi aggressive,ur blogs(farzi singh wale),ur startup ideas,ur bits love stories everything was just pure fun.. it was great knowing u.. most of the times i used to peep inside while passing by ur room..on the day before i was leaving for delhi i entered ur room nd shouted Ganesh nagarsekkarrr,nd i realised u’ve already left..that almost made me cry 😥 ..there are so many things abt u which cannot be written down here.. ur actions,ur farzi drame,ur expression,ur smile and many more things will always be remembered..nd the best thing abt u is that u have a pure heart and r very down to earth..keep smiling nd remain farzi(koi to ho mere saath:P )..will miss u nd ur pug 😉

~Nitin Singh (Batchmate – BITS Goa)

Ganesh excited Nagarsekar!! You have superb attitude towards life man! Doing whatever you like and trying hard over and over again to achieve it. You are the one that wil surely make it big on some editorial page buddy. The aweosme ideas we had and endless discussion about its implementation was real fun. Very very close friend who never ever cares about the cap of his bottle.:P…. The name GSN is really cool and I wish I also had such an awesome nick. BITS360 stud to have the zeal to write poems and articles. I hope u find true love once more in life.;) Be the way u r and we will (along with debu) surely have an cool trip to LADAKH. Sorry pandey too. Bas yaar ekdum kickass ladka hai tu. Keep writing!!!

~Divesh Agrawal (Batchmate – BITS Goa)

Gannu 🙂 Gsn wats-up :~~ 😉 he is the best partner u can get for labs. Had \m/ deco n comsys lab moments 😀 a hidden shayar n epic writer .. he is an an aspiring entrepreneur n has great ideas. he taught me how to take ‘Zindagi Li8’.. thanks gannu.. 4-2 mein if possible.. ek aur lab saath mein 😉 all the best dude.. may god give u whatever u want .. n may ‘that girl’ understands u n kahe “gsn my dear aajhaaaa” 😉 i m fortunate to have u as a friend.. wish u luck in life..

~Deepak Uppal ( Batchmate- BITS Goa)

Gannu was always there whenever I felt like killing someone with my talk 😛 . He is one of those ‘cool’ guy who never cared fo anything other than their passion. A romantic guy, who can write poems for his lowww, a passionate blogger, enthusiast in reading about startups. He is a guy with the ideas and has great management skill whic h AH7 has seen this through BITSmart . His luck always sucks when it comes to PS allotment :P. Achieve your dreams and Have a great future Gannu !! 🙂

~Samarth Sinha (Batchmate- BITS Goa)

One of the coolest guys on campus! Sach main zindagi_li8 😛 A very down to earth and humble chap who loves to do something or the other. Be it delving into web-designing or writing or film-making, he has done everything with great sincerity and hard work. All the best for whatever you choose in life 🙂

~Nikhil Khicha (Batchmate- BITS Goa)

This is really one of the coolest guys I’ve ever met….very easily approachable and down to earth……an amazing writer with great ideas….a person to whom u can say random bakwaas and he will actually listen to u..always remain the way u are and good luck with life! 🙂

~Apoorv Parikh (Batchmate – BITS Goa)

Ganesh nagarsekar a.k.a gsn, ganu happy go lucky most jolly person, I ever met. He always remains cheerful no matter what’s the situation. Kick ass writer, pure at heart and ready to help whenever asked for. I am sure one day he is going to be leading entrepreneurs of world. I would always remember room number 147(BITSMART) whenever feel bored just barge into the room and have random talks with this guy sometimes also try to depress him on some issues:P.I wish him all luck in his life and hope too keep in touch with him always

~Kshitij Jain (Batchmate- BITS Goa)

When it comes to amazing poetry or writing, I remember Ganesh bhai. This guy is super cool when you want a company to trouble innocent profs. I remember when we used to make fun of emech and opti classes. I wish u all the very best for ur future prospects make a good engineer and keep writing.

~Kushagra Nigam (Batchmate-BITS Goa)

GSN: GSN! I came to know this guy from bits360, where he was one of the most active users that I knew. And when we came to campus, it turned out that he lived pretty near my room. A good poet, as well as an aspiring entrepreneur(BITSMart, man, that was a big help), and now a writer too, this guys is bound to go places. Cheers, and yes, may the Force be with all of us! 😀

~Chaitanya Bhatt (Batchmate – BITS Goa)

GSN is one of the most diverse guy you will ever meet.Whenever i have contacted him he was engaged in some thing or other — from PSOC , to coding to writing ( He is a truly gifted writer!) Though initially he is little reserved , all those people who are lucky enough to be close to him ,cherish him. All the best for future bro :* stay in touch

~Shruti (Batchmate- BITS Goa )

I met Ganesh when he joined MATRIX in second year and later we became classmates in TSSN course. His blog is one of the best BITS will ever have. Sometimes his posts make me realize that he has written just what i wanted to read! besides the amazing writing skills, he is also a great designer and i still remember the amazing design of Touchstone, the not-so-popular MATRIX magazine! I never got to know him well, but his blog bridged that gap. He always has that friendly smile stretched across his face that saves the ice-breaking time! I wish you all the best for all your endeavors! keep smiling! 🙂

~Aishwarya Tiwari (Batchmate- BITS Goa)

We have known each other for quite a long time now, and I can say that u r certainly the most humble, helpful and talented person I have ever met 🙂 I have always been the greatest admirer of ur writing skills which are simply out of the world! I still remember when we were doing the mup project together and had to sit for hours in front of the library, thinking ways to write some random code so that it made sense 😛 I realised in those few days u r the kind of person one can totally rely upon. Thanks for helping me out in every way possible ( those stupid analog assignments 😉 ) U r a great friend and an amazing human being. Just keep smiling the way u do…all the best for everything in future… will definitely miss u!

~ Ankita Jha

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